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Shopping in Llandudno

Llandudno has been building up its directory of shops over the past few years and with the welcome edition of retail park ‘Parc Llandudno’, Llandudno is now among the towns renowned for its shopping experience.

Parc Llandudno is the main place to go for high street fashion with shops such as ‘River Island’, ‘New Look’, ‘Bank’ and ‘Debenhams’, all of the aforementioned of reasonably large size. If you get peckish during your shopping trip, there are full sized cafes in ‘Bhs’ and ‘Debenhams’ as well as a separate ‘Costa’.

Along the main shopping avenue, Mostyn Street, there are a few more high street fashion shops, but it is mainly filled shops such as ‘HMV’, ‘Game’, ‘Waterstones’ and ‘Body Shop’ along with small local businesses and craft shops such as (the ingeniously named) ‘Wonderllandudno’ and many cafes.

The Victoria Centre is another place to shop along Mostyn Street, It is set out in a horseshoe shape, with two entrances and has stores such as ‘Thorntons’ and ‘Dorothy Perkins ’ as well a few  kiosk stands and stalls selling paintings and canvases. There is also a delightful cafe named ‘Badgers’ in which the waitresses are dressed like maids and also a large pic-and-mix stand which is set up at weekends.

Another hidden, unknown jewel in Llandudno is the vintage style mall. It is a very small indoor passage with ‘Awww!’ inducingly tiny stores selling, sweets, bags & shoes, jewellery and old CDs and records. At the end of this there is a small cafe with an invariably small amount of people in it (i.e. most of the time-none). This place is definitely a treasure not to be missed.

As Llandudno is a tourist resort, there are, of course, a few tourist shops adorned with all the sheep and dragon merchandise you would expect from Wales and more red, green and white than an Italian restaurant, but it is all very novel. A lot of these shops are down the award winning Llandudno pier along with many other little stores selling things such as bracelets, lamps, wind chimes, cuddly toys, personalised items and various other tat, - I mean, goods.

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