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Gwledd Conwy Feast

There could be no better way to spend your weekend than at the Gwledd Conwy Feast this October and there could be no better way to travel there than by the way of coach hire North Wales.

One of the most iconic settings in all of Wales, Conwy is all set to come alive over two days of amazing entertainment for the whole family. The medieval town is usually bustling enough with people coming from all over but this event is set to take it to another level.

All along the quayside, you can enjoy the most refined and exotic tastes you’ll find anywhere with worldwide delicacies available for your pleasure. Ever tried a Conwy mussel? You’ll have no better opportunity as the molluscs are in season, meaning they will be at their fullest flavours and impossible to not try. Apart from the mussels, there’s a wholesome bevy of meats, breads and conserves for you try that will all expand and excite your palette.

The beer tent is one of those special places where people congregate to discuss and enjoy rural produce – something that is sadly seldom appreciated today. Being the collective community that North Wales is, the tent is sure to be thriving with people queuing to appreciate some really delicious ale from the nearby surrounding areas.

With more to offer than just food (although it is a mighty draw), the feast is set to play host to some of the brightest musical talents in the country with former members of The La’s and more localised but equally amazing bands trying to assert themselves on a grand stage. Not to be missed for those deep into the culture and community of North Wales!

Couple with the 150 food stalls dotted around the historic town, you can expect plenty of workshops, tips and trick from the seasoned professionals who will be at this great occasion. Looking for that perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine? You are massively in luck at the Gwledd Conwy Feast.

Topping off a brilliant billing of excitement is the laser show which year on year just becomes bigger and more extravagant – expect to see Conwy Castle light up with colour for 2013.

With so much to get stuck into, food and otherwise, make sure you make the trip to Conwy for a truly unforgettable and enjoyable weekend.

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