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Top Things to Look For When Choosing a Hotel

Whether it’s an event, business trip or a getaway you are after, a hotel can provide it all. However, depending on the hotel’s features will depend on which hotel you want to pick. When looking for Seafront Hotels Llandudno you need to find one that accommodates all your specific needs no matter the reason for your stay.

Before you go ahead and book, here are the top 5 things you should look for in your hotel.

Setting and Atmosphere

This is a big one. Of course, we all want to stay somewhere that has a luxurious feel to it but depending on your reason for staying will depend on the standards that you are after. Usually, the more expensive a hotel is, the more lavish the interior. So, if you're looking for a cheap weekend away, your priorities may change, and you will be looking for a well presented and clean hotel rather than one that has lots of fancy fittings to get the most for your money. Obviously, in an ideal world, we would love to have both, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Maybe you’re having a client meeting, holding a special event or celebrating a special occasion, which then may see you looking for a more aesthetically pleasing interior with a more luxurious feel.

It’s safe to say that everyone’s needs depend on that individual and what they like. Some more traditional interiors may feel outdated to some whereas modern interiors will be lifeless to others. So, finding the perfect hotel will depend on your reason for staying and your personal taste.


Lots of hotels offer a dining experience with lots of packages on offer as well as more offerings of afternoon tea than ever. Having a place where you can dine and not worry about finding somewhere to eat last minute is a god send.

Be sure to not only see that they have the facilities but if they serve food that you would eat. A lot of people make the mistake of expecting to find options that they would like, and this could be a pretty costly mistake for those who have any dietary requirements. A lot of hotels have their menus on their website or you can ring them to ask prior to booking.

The hotel dining experience isn’t just for those who are staying at the hotel either. Visitors can pop in as they please, but prior booking may be needed.

Event Spaces

Maybe you’re getting married or having a conference for which you need a large space. Hotels can be just the ticket. Popular for wedding receptions, hotels can not only provide the serving staff and food but can also provide the necessary tables and chairs without you needing to worry. It is a common misconception that wedding venues come with these, but the truth of the matter is, they are not always included!

By holding a conference at a hotel, you are providing your attending guests the facilities they may need such as a room if they have come a long way and food and drink. As hotels are bigger than other accommodation, they have more rooms, larger spaces and even more parking than some others who may hold events such as these.


This is one that is important to your individual needs. The accessibility into the hotel as well as around the hotel is vital. If you turn up and can’t get into the hotel then not only have you potentially wasted a deposit, but you will need to find somewhere to stay on very short notice.

It is important that you check out the facilities that the hotel has before you book to avoid any disappointment.


Last of all, your hotel’s location is important. Whether you are a tourist, frequent visitor or just there for business, the surrounding areas shops, restaurants, bars, and attractions are what attracts us to the hotel of our choice. We don’t want to have to travel everywhere to get to a shop, or worse, get lost finding the local attractions.

Be smart and do your research. If you do, finding your perfect hotel will be a walk in the park!

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