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First Things To Look For In Your Hotel Room

You’ve booked your hotel in Llandudno - great! But, before staying in your room make sure you have scoured it for any of these conveniences and potential health risks before you commit to staying. Remember, if your room is not up to the standard that you expected, you can ask to stay in a different room - or your hotelier may be able to easily fix the issue you have. It is important that you note these when you first arrive. Any good hotelier will sort the issue for you as any bad review can have a negative effect on business.

Does the hotel feel safe?

Where you are staying should feel safe, and when we say safe we don’t just mean your hotel room. Whilst pretty much every hotel has a safe in the room with either a key or keycard entry, the area should also feel safe too. First note whether there is a guard on the door and whether there is a hotel curfew - this will add to you feeling safe. However, this may also be an indicator of what the area is like. We recommend that you do your research first before arriving to avoid feeling unsafe.

Are there toiletries?

Most hotels offer free toiletries, from basic to more luxurious essentials. However, it is good to know what is and isn’t included first before you hop into the shower to find no shower gel. It may be a simple case that housekeeping forgot to replace it or that it isn’t included. You will want to know beforehand so you can either let the hotel know or stock up yourself.

Check for uninvited guests

Bed bugs are common in a lot of hotels - even some of the best ones. They can easily travel from an unwitting traveller without the hotel knowing unless someone tips them off. Bed bugs like to get into cosy spaces to make sure you keep a look out to make sure there are none hiding. 

Making sure everything works

When you arrive at your room make sure everything works. Check the shower, TV, WiFi and phone to make sure everything works as it should. If you find a problem with anything it is important that you report it as soon as you arrive or you may be liable for charges if anything is found broken after you leave. Some things may be easily fixed whereas others aren’t so you may be able to claim a partial refund or move to a better room without any expense spared.

What is the bed like?

The most important part of your stay is how you sleep. Essentially you are renting the room out just so you can sleep and have somewhere safe to stay whilst you are travelling. If you notice that your mattress is a little saggy, your sheets torn or your pillows are a little lumpy, don’t be shy and report it to reception. Usually, they will be able to find you a replacement and in some cases in which they can’t they will move you to another room. As long as you are polite and considerate to the hotel staff they will be in return - manners go a long way.

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