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What to Look for When Booking a Hotel

If you’re traveling from out of town, the last thing you want to worry about is where you’re going to stay. When it comes to booking a hotel Llandudno, there are plenty of things to consider that can either make or break your trip. Learn what to look for when booking a hotel and what to avoid to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible!

1) Location

It might seem obvious, but location is one of the most important things to consider when booking a hotel. If you’re traveling from out of town, you’ll need easy access to transportation and attractions. If your trip requires you spend time in your room, you should look for a place that makes it easy to get work done while still being convenient enough for exploring. And if money is no object, luxury accommodations are available—but if not, try opting for a bit more space at a slightly less expensive establishment instead.

2) Check Out the Rooms

Rooms are an important factor when you’re booking a hotel, but it’s easy to get hung up on fancy amenities. While it’s nice to have free Wi-Fi and cable TV, what you really want is space—both in terms of room size and amenities like refrigerators or microwaves. Those little perks might seem unnecessary at first glance, but they can make it much easier if you ever end up stuck somewhere without food for extended periods of time. If possible, try to get a few options booked before picking one. We may take them for granted sometimes, but home comforts are incredibly valuable when traveling. You never know if you will be delayed or canceled or what type of accommodation issues you might run into while out of town.

3) Security

Even if you’re staying in an Airbnb, hostels or even traveling with family, be sure that your hotel has basic security features like keycard access and safes. Make sure that you can lock up your valuables and aren’t forced to store them in your car. If someone at reception won’t let you use their safe, change hotels! It also goes without saying: never leave your personal belongings unattended. If you don’t need it during your stay, leave it at home or in your car.

4) Extras

Are towels and toiletries provided? If so, are they of a good quality? Are they replenished on time? Are there extra blankets or pillows available? Would you have to pay extra for them if you don't want to use your own from home? What about parking—is it complimentary or is there an additional fee? And what’s with hotel Internet fees—are they really necessary, and what’s included with them (e.g., Wi-Fi access in public areas)? You get the idea. If you can, make a list of questions beforehand and ask at check-in. It's often faster than waiting until later in your stay when you've already checked out everything else!

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