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Cycling Safety Tips for Cyclists

Cycling Llandudno has become one of the most popular means of transportation in recent years, both for commuters and recreational riders. Not only is cycling better for the environment than driving or taking public transportation, but it’s also good exercise that allows you to get to your destination faster than on foot. That said, if you plan on cycling as your primary mode of transportation, there are several safety tips you should follow to keep yourself safe from injury or worse while out on the road.

Wearing bright clothing

Wearing bright colors, like red or orange, is a great way to be more visible and safe on your bike. Reflective clothing can also make you more noticeable to drivers and other cyclists during nighttime rides. Reflective clothing is worth investing in—it could save your life. Be sure to invest in a good helmet as well.

Make eye contact with drivers

Making eye contact with drivers is a simple way to make them aware of your presence on the road. In some cases, it’s also necessary in order to alert them that you’re going to turn or alter your route at some point. If there’s enough time before you have to turn, make sure to look both ways and use hand signals. This can often prevent cars from turning right into you.

Follow traffic rules

Before you go biking, familiarize yourself with traffic rules. A common way cyclists get injured is by violating one of these rules, so make sure you know what they are and how to follow them. For example, always stop at stop signs and red lights—you can’t just expect cars to see you coming! And don’t think that because you have a bike you have an excuse to break any laws.

Don’t ride against traffic

This may seem obvious, but when you ride with traffic, you are more visible to drivers. That makes it much easier to avoid a car or truck that might pull out in front of you. If there is no shoulder on a road where you’re cycling, make sure to take advantage of your bike’s reflectors and flashing lights at night. It’s also smart to wear bright colors during daylight hours so that cars will see you coming from a mile away.

Understand hand signals

Hand signals are critical to keeping everyone safe on busy streets. Make sure you’re sending clear messages about which way you’re going, what lane you’re in, and when it’s safe to pass. Also, make sure to check over your shoulder before signaling! If someone happens to be right behind you, an unnecessary hand signal could result in a collision.

Take the lane if necessary

If a driver is passing you too closely or at an unsafe speed, move into their lane. After they’ve passed, you can merge back into your own lane. This will create a physical barrier between you and any reckless drivers that want to get by quickly. It’s a good idea to practice taking up multiple lanes as it can take some time getting used to how it feels riding in traffic with two cars on either side of you.

Bicycle safety checklists

One way to stay safe while cycling is to prepare your bike and yourself before hitting the road. Before you jump on your bicycle, take a quick walk around it and check that all parts are in working order.

Riding in the dark

Just like driving a car at night, riding in low-light conditions requires more caution. Cycling without adequate light (and reflectors) is illegal and dangerous. Remember: whenever possible, plan your routes to avoid traveling through dimly lit areas late at night.

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