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Great Food & Culture in Llandudno Restaurants & Celtic Craft Fayres

Come and taste some of the great Llandudno restaurants and best cuisine in North Wales.

Wales has a proud culture and history, however local food is often overlooked as a reason to come to our towns and cities. Llandudno is a fabulous costal town and holiday destination in North Wales with amazing Llandudno restaurants. There is a huge variety from traditional Welsh food with a modern twist, gourmet and French cuisine to Mediterranean restaurants, Spanish tapas and Indian. There is also a wide range in styles and decors between restaurants so whatever atmosphere you are looking for you can find it in Llandudno.

If you are interested in what local produce has to offer you should visit a Celtic Craft Fayre. Celtic Craft Fayre events are a fun day out and important for Welsh culture. You can buy food made by local people from native ingredients. It is a great chance to see what Welsh food and crafting is producing. Numerous food and craft fayres have sprung up in various towns in North wales including many in Llandudno. Regular Celtic Fayres are scheduled for this summer too. You can buy and sample local Welsh cheeses, local wines, cakes, jewellery and art. There are normally plenty of food stalls selling hot and cold, delicious dishes for you to eat while you stroll around the fayre.

Event Realities organise many of these Celtic Craft Fayres. The first was in 2004 and now the Llandudno Celtic Craft Fair has over 100 exhibitors and visitors.

Conwy has Celtic Food and Craft Fayres on the 25-28th May and the 1st-4th August 2013 on Conwy Quay under many large marquees and wooden cabins. Llandudno Town Hall hosts Celtic Food and Craft Fayres on 29 & 30th June, 20th & 21st July, 24th - 26th August, 14th & 15th September and 21st &22nd September. With all these great, tasty Fayres on there is no excuse to miss out on sampling brilliant Welsh food.

All food lovers should come to Llandudno for an excellent culinary experience.

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